This Is Enough



Close your eyes
Settle into the space that receives you
Let your edges vibrate
Allow your energy to resonate beyond your borders
Melt into the realm of here

What do you hear
What shimmers in the far reaches of sound
The layers dancing
Woven and overlaid
A fluid array of existence
Without judgement or desire

Sound is not subordinate to sight
Not a mere hypothesis or confirmation
Reality is composed of vibrant oscillations
Dynamic oceans of beautiful noise

There is no hierarchy in perception
Sight is not absolute
Sound is enough

Release reliance on constraints
Deem not the infinite unimportant to render it digestible
There is so much that we numb
That we dismiss as inconsequential
When truly it is everything
No small signal is superfluous

We position ourselves in one dimension
Considering more we flounder
Clinging to our physicality
Our uniqueness
Our rock
Our island
Why remain a stoic mass
Slowly eroding
Struggling to stay above
When you can become the sea
Your particles dispersed in a world entire

Frames of reference constrain the self
Falsely painting repression as definition
But complexity cannot be controlled

Become part of a greater field

Open your ears
Embrace the interwoven layers of the fluid sonic universe
This is enough

Open your nose
Absorb the primal swirl of the never-ending aura
This is enough

Open your mouth
Rejoice in the explosion of fulfilment anxious to create you
This is enough

Open your hands
Feel not what is outside but what you flow into and what flows into you
This is enough

Open your eyes
Revel in the expansive art of this churning venerable medium
This is enough

It is all enough
It has always been enough
Replace not what is enough with what is constrained
Limitations of wonder
Exaggerations of desire
Lest reform to that jagged island in the sea
Unflinching yet unfeeling
Defined yet incomplete
Clinging to a false definition of a comprehensible reality

Let go
Become lost in the swirl of everything
This is enough




This poem stemmed from a listening meditation I did last weekend during my trip to Wli falls.  Being in a place with such a sensory awakening augmented my appreciation for the experience of life.  In listening, I became so content, and realised that this one sensory dimension of experience is so far more than enough.  I began to marvel at the fact that we get to have not one sense, but five.  And we can even interact with our surroundings as non-passive entities?!  How beautiful is that.  I feel as though in the quest to manage the logistics of my life, the details and anxieties, I often numb some senses, placing myself only in the visual frame of reference, living inside of my own head in order to placate my desire to tame the complex.  It leaves in me an intangible desire which I fill with potent sensory experiences, band-aid solutions, like coffee and cookies.  In accepting the complex and the lack of certainty it entails, new worlds open up, and these desires fade away.  I’m so grateful for the power of meditation and immersion in nature to clarify my mind and fill me with wonder.

In life news, I took a trip to Cape Coast and Wli falls last weekend with some of the other Ghana JFs.  We visited a slave castle, did a canopy walk at Kakum national park, and hiked and swam in Wli falls.  It was all incredible and I’m so glad to have taken this journey.

There is less than a month left in my placement – how insane is that – and I’m feeling so full of love.  Love for Ghana and my work here; love for the experiences I’ve been blessed to have; love for my family and friends in Canada; love for how I’ve grown as a person.  I’m not bitter to be leaving or anixious to get home, which is really surprising me.  I’m just full of a love that feels like preemptive nostalgia and quiet excitement.  I’m in a happy place.


So this blog post was different, hey?  Definitely off the beaten path.  Thanks for hearing me out.  Til next time! 🙂




One thought on “This Is Enough

  1. Reblogged this on akwaabakat and commented:
    Here is a refection by my lovely friend Alycia. Yup. This pretty much captures it. I am so blessed to have seen, heard, smelled, tasted and experience all that I have.


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