Beginning, again

A gently humorous and courageously raw post from my VOTO co-conspirator Alex about the difficulties that come with telling the story of his placement. Take a look!

This Is Ghana Be Great

Hey everyone,

It’s good to speak with you again. I’ve been out of touch for too long, but I’m back—back to begin the task of beginning, again.


If this post (and every subsequent post) feels like a dizzying blur of thoughts, mixed metaphors, and emotions, think of a piñata full to bursting. We have waited long enough for candy: let the flogging commence. In all seriousness (and less comic morbidity), finding the right tone has been a challenge this whole summer. I want to be funny in my writing, to share laughter, and to showcase everything that is wonderful, fun and exciting about Ghana, but I’m also cognizant of the fact that there is much to discuss that is serious and somber, with all the weight of consideration that it requires.

Further complicating matters is that the good and the bad are both ever-present. In some moments, in some…

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