Make Change Happen

Things you can do right now:

  1. Donate Aeroplan miles to EWB before Sunday and double your impact
  2. Donate to MUN’s Run To End Poverty campaign
Run To End Poverty is one of EWB’s biggest annual fundraisers

My work this summer in Ghana – like the work of many EWB fellows – was made possible largely through fundraising and donation.  Our fellows often work in innovative, early-stage ventures.  With the investment of capital and human resources, these ventures can scale to create massive impact.  Donations can create this small push which ripples out, amplifies and enables sustainable change.

I would love if you would consider supporting EWB by donating Aeroplan miles or contributing to my R2EP campaign.  Donations to the R2EP campaign will enable MUN to send another junior fellow next year, while Aeroplan mile donations enable the transport of EWB fellows across the organisation.  Aeroplan donations will also be matched until this Sunday, doubling your effective impact.

I wouldn’t be seeking your support if I didn’t believe in this organization.  From my three-year involvement and my experience this summer, I’ve gained an incredible appreciation for EWB’s values and approach.  They strive tirelessly and respectfully to create intelligent, communal, sustainable systemic change.  I’m asking you to courageously commit with me by supporting EWB in this mission.


I am so thankful for the experience I had this summer, and truly believe in the impact of the junior fellowship program.  I want to see it grow and continue; this is how we can make that happen.  Thanks for reading 🙂









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