Using Our Voices: IWD on Parliament Hill

This week, I attended the Daughters of the Vote National Leadership Forum. This initiative by Equal Voice encourages young women from diverse backgrounds across Canada to become politically engaged and run for office.

IMG_20170309_100408 - Copy

This has been an absolutely incredible experience. I’m energised and inspired by the women around me. Their stories and voices are so powerful. I’m amazing by the bravery of my indigenous, Muslim, racialised and disabled sisters.

Our brave indigenous caucus – only a few of our indigenous sisters – speaking at our closing ceremony

The cornerstone of this forum was a historic seating of 338 young women from each riding in Canada in the House of Commons. This was an awe-inspiring experience. It was exciting to see the buy-in we obtained from major political players. We took up space, spoke and were heard.

Taking our seats! We spoke, were heard, and then engaged with some pretty cool people – check them out below! Hi JT, Tom and E May!



I first became politically engaged as a result of my desire to create social change. The way I see it, as a young Canadian, my voice is the most powerful tool I have to create the change I want to see in the world. I wrote a blog for the Engineers Without Borders website about this, focusing on my passion for prioritising gender equality within Canada’s international development strategy. You can read that blog at the link below:

IWD 2017: Gender Equality Should be Prioritised in Canada’s International Development Agenda

IMG_20170306_184916 - Copy.jpg

For more photos and videos from this event, check out the Equal Voice Facebook Page or #DaughtersOfTheVote on Twitter!



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