10624725_10152741259973274_7879391757799114050_nHi! My name is Alycia. I was a 2016 Junior Fellow for Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB) working with VOTO Mobile in Ghana. This venture aims to amplify the voices of the underheard through data collection and information distribution. We use basic mobile phone technology to gather and share the information needed to accelerate development in a responsible and culturally-appropriate way.

Even though my Junior Fellowship ended last fall, EWB and VOTO just can’t seem to get rid of me. I’m currently working remotely out of EWB’s National Office in Toronto as an Operations Associate for VOTO. This sweet gig will last me from January through May this year. I’m also a chapter co-president for EWB MUN and a fourth-year electrical engineering student.

This blog was originally mandated to provide insight into my Junior Fellowship placement, showcasing my experience working towards social change and my personal development along the way. Alas, Junior Fellowships have an expiration date. While I’m no longer a Junior Fellow, I’m still growing, learning, and working to make things better. I’ve still got realms of the development sector to explore and parts of myself to discover that I don’t even know about yet. This blog is still going to tell the tale of the strange marriage between my personal development and my work in international development; it’s just decidedly at this point a lifelong journey, and not just a one-summer affair.

Thanks for stopping by!  You’re a rockstar.


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